European Inspired Serenity Garden, Pacific Palisades, California


Beautiful, peaceful and soothing garden for well-traveled seniors emphasizing health and wellbeing. Inviting pathways for communing, benches for perspective and a bistro for reflecting with a cup of tea.

Five Acre New Build Sustainable Landscape Design for Camarillo, California
Zones 1-5


Dream property for retired entrepreneur to create a sustainable family sanctuary. Butterfly & nature garden for grandchildren, secret library garden for wife, accommodation for 2 German Shepards, diverse orchard, grand circular driveway for large events, fire brake zone, erosion control.

Three Acre Permaculture Design for Sacramento, California
Zones 1, 2, 3 and 5


Single father securing the property for his 7-year-old daughter to grow up with local healthy food while creating community and providing educational site for sustainable living. Property must accommodate chickens, goats & alpacas, producing as much of their food as possible & using their outputs to increase land fertility.

Suburban Permaculture Design Los Angeles, California
Zones 1 & 2


Vegan homeowner and permaculturalist transforming a compacted yard into regenerative abundance and food security. Grass conversion to water wise ornamental garden in front yard. Permaculture food forest on side yards fed by household grey water and rainwater diversion into swales. Kitchen vegetable container garden in back yard by kitchen door.

Urban Mediterranean Water Wise Garden Los Angeles, California


Hip urban real estate professional showcasingItalian style curb appeal with climate appropriate plants for a water wise garden.

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