Now Forming pioneer village development teams

All skills and abilities needed, welcome and appreciated.

Contact Susan anytime to discuss how you would like to participate.


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Any type of handiwork you know or want to learn is valuable to the mission. Your desire to participate and contribute is what builds a thriving village and makes it an attainable forever home for you and your family.  We are looking for people who are purpose driven because building a sustainable future is what we value for all our residents and future generations. 

Your efforts and positive attitude is the vital energy that will create a happy and beautiful place to live and work. There are many types of currency and we understand that money is only a representation of energy in all its forms. We strive to increase our community currency. The energy created by group effort with a common mission is priceless. It takes work, compassion, empathy and personal growth to build relationships. But this is the glue that holds us together and our most valuable asset.

We have much to learn and will rely on each other to teach skills to the community. Villages will be able to produce food, fiber and fuel for residents with enough surplus to sell or trade. As we form our human community we will also make connections with life systems. Providing for our needs based on nature closes the loop and changes us from consumers to producers. Reintegrating ourselves back into natural processes will ensure that we are living the solution. 

Step out of the fast land and join us in designing and building regenerative villages. You can stay at the one you help build forever or move on to lead the next village into existence. Changing how we live and empowering others to do the same is all that matters in reclaiming our lives and existence. Take action now and call Susan to collaborate.