Composting with worms is a compact and easy way to turn kitchen scraps into nutrient dense food for your garden. I collect my daily food waste such as lettuce and apple cores, carrot ends, coffee grounds and tea bags and keep them in a covered dish in the refrigerator. Three times a week I chop it up in the food processor and feed it to my worms. chopping accomplishes three things. First, it creates a bigger surface area giving bacteria more room for decomposition. Second, it saves room in my compost bin. Third, everything processes more quickly so I can cycle fertility for my garden faster. The worm bin is actually a tiny ecosystem and if it is in balance, there is no smell of rotting food. 

If you would like to start composting with worms, you can make a bin out of plastic tubs or you can purchase a bin. I use VermiHut with 5 trays pictured below, with features that are easy and practical to use.