Your next best step

At home

We are all able lighten our ecological footprint and be part of the solution. There are many ways to get involved and make a big impact. At home, gardening is the best thing we can do to reduce and eliminate our contribution to global warming. Yes, it is a very simple idea but it is guaranteed to work. Sharing produce and gardening knowledge with neighbors will prevent emissions associated with large scale food production and all the pollution associated with the packaging and transport of food.

Local community

Gardening will help your community become food secure. Our food production and distribution system has a limitedsupply that is heavily dependent on energy, refrigeration, transportation and storage facilities. Interruption at any point in the chain can stop the flow of food to cities and towns. At the very least, people need to have adequate food storage at home in case of a short term food shortage. But we should also all be growing, harvesting and storing for any long term interruption such as natural disasters, terrorism and overall production shortages due to rising global population and failed crops due to drought and rising temperatures.

Manage resources responsibly 

Make it your mission to cultivate, conserve and extend life systems in cooperation with nature. Understand how to use and store available water on your site. Learn how solar and wind energy affects your property and your comfort. Get to know the plants in your local ecosystem and how you can work with them to make a better life. Study soil fertility and conservationso that you are able to create a self sustaining permanent garden for generations to come. 

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