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Permaculture is a design science that partners with nature to provide a comfortable life through meaningful actions. We are land stewards, conservationists, gardeners and scholars with a common mission to live responsibly on this earth. Join us in building sustainable human settlement that can be passed to future generations of all species.

A site that has been designed and built using permaculture takes very little work to maintain. And the work that is necessary for a meaningful life is reduced to about 10 hours a week per person. This leaves a lot of time for exploring any other interest, resting and simply enjoying life.

All you have to do is get off the destructive treadmill of consumerism and start producing health and wellbeing for you and the planet.

And so it goes with hiring a professional to help you. I have already done the multiple hundreds of hours thinking, studying and practicing permaculture. I can save you a lot of time, energy and money. Let's get it right the 1st time.

Start with a complementary consultation so you can tell me about your vision. Then we can initiate sector analysis, which is a look at all the incoming energies to your property. This will define where we ultimately place infrastructure, bringing your hopes and dreams into tangible reality. From there, we can determine how I can best help you manifest a sustainable, abundant life that you can pass on to future generations.

I am available to support you remotely through phone, Skype and FaceTime AND/OR I will visit your site so we can work together in person. I am available to travel anywhere but fees and expenses will be applied.

Custom packages available to fit scope of project and budget

Hourly Remote Consulting Fee: $75

Site Visit with Consultation: $275

Site Visit with 2 design images: $450

Image Editor Design: $125 for first image, $100 second image, $50 third image

CAD Drawing of Permaculture Design: Starting at $750

Written Site Plan: Starting at $375

Speaking Services

60-90 Minute Lecture    1/2 Day Event   One Day Seminar    Multiple Day Course

I tailor each topic to fit the needs of my audience relative to geographical location, climate, available resources, skills, culture and lifestyle. Furthermore, I can create a presentation specifically for your group if you don't see what you need below. Any presentation can be adjusted to fit your time requirements and budget whether it is a 60 minute class, a multi-hour workshop or an entire permaculture educational course. 


Introduction to Permaculture: Designing our way to a secure future - This presentation is the gateway for understanding how design does the heavy lifting in sustainability. I start by defining permaculture, then introduce core ethics and principles. I go on to discuss the design process including evaluating and analyzing property. By the end, I demonstrate how we build a system that provides a yield while developing habitat for all creatures and placing them where their intrinsic values facilitate the local web of life. 

Jobs for Everyone: Meaningful Work - Unemployed/underemployed, feeling depressed, unappreciated and left behind? I believe that everything one does to support the family is extremely valuable work. This presentation is inspirational and motivational. It gives the audience a different perspective about currency and reintroduces the vitally important, lost art of home economics.

Sustainability and You: Daily practices that make you a hero in the fight against climate change - This material covers practical techniques, daily rituals and personal choices that make every person the solution to climate change. I focus on low tech skills that everyone can develop and engage immediately. Flowing from the kitchen to the landscape and back, I use the process of preparing a simple meal to demonstrate the ultimate home sustainability. 

The Perfect Balance: Appropriate technology for a sustainable future - Sometimes, we must look to history for solutions. Technology can be as simple as the wheel, as complex as our smart phones and everything in between. Permaculture embraces any technology that gets the job done while keeping ecological footprint low. This presentation takes a look at simple solutions that give more than they take, while standing the test of time. 

Getting Back to Production: Partnering with nature to grow your own food, fiber and fuel - Modern economy relies on unlimited growth based on massive resource inputs such as non renewable energy and unsustainable harvesting from the natural environment. This presentation takes a look at what we can do to become positive impact producers, while systematically eliminating wasteful consumption. Local production and local trade are the key to fulfilling our needs while leaving ecosystems intact.

Web of Life: Securing your property by partnering with life systems - Most suburban landscapes rely heavily on chemicals and other toxic inputs to keep appearances. Often, they are a lot of work, expensive and stressful to manage. Permaculture teaches us to partner with nature so that we can live in a healthy, productive environment. This presentation emphasizes biological strategies that will have your property teaming with life, giving free services and rehabilitating the land. 

Human-scale and Fair Share: Localism for social equity and peace on earth - This presentation teaches the importance of producing, purchasing and using local goods and services. Localism is essential for customs, indigenous knowledge and  environmental preservation. Strong local economies circulate money for as long as possible and are the basis for healthy communities. Learn to rely on things we can obtain seasonably, sustainably and sparingly while enjoying artisanship and craftsmanship from people in our community. Explore how every person and every form of currency is vital for the survival of civilization. 

Downsizing for Happiness: Trading stuff for life - Tiny living moves us away from consumerism while emphasizing experiences. Getting rid of things frees us from maintenance, chores and the unending accumulation of meaningless material items, giving us the precious time we need to pursue our dreams. Downsizing makes it possible to actively prioritize relationships with people, animals and places. This presentation will help attendees identify our addiction to things and provide methods for freeing ourselves from the bondage of stuff.


Local - $450 for up to 90 minutes, $900 for 1/2 day workshop, $1500 for 8 hour event.

Long Distance - Same speaking fee as above plus travel time at $15 per hour for the length of the trip and all expenses including accommodation, meals and transportation.

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