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Permaculture is ethical design for regenerative human settlement. It covers everything we need to live comfortably on real-time sunlight. We use appropriate technology and human scale solutions. We partner with nature to facilitate abundant life systems that are equitable for all life. We are land stewards, taking care of the planet for future generations of all life. 

Help fast track your family and community into food security, affordable housing and a sustainable future by becoming a permaculture practitioner and a community organizer or leader. Start a permaculture co op club, expand into a permaculture demonstration site and maybe even extend it into a permaculture village. Contact us anytime for help.


We will help you turn your property into a diverse and self sustaining permaculture demonstration site or village. Start by hosting a permaculture co op club to gain community interest and support. Contact us if you are willing to commit your land to a 500 year plan that will be passed to future generations in your local community. Your site will be unique to it's climate, topography, size and your interests. The design and its implementation will be a cooperative effort between you, local permaculture leaders and all participants.  

Permaculture Leaders

If you already have your PDC, (Permaculture Design Certificate), contact me to participate in co-teaching new practitioners and leaders. We will work together to facilitate all land holders who wish to host a co op club, demonstration site and village on their land. 

Even f you don't have your PDC, your skill set is vital to the success of each site. Plus we will help you obtain your PDC as we build sites in your area. Every demonstration site needs a group of dedicated professionals and trades-people.