Become a producer and make a difference

If you feel depressed about climate change, start gardening!
It is the most important action you can do to stop destructive activities
associated with global consumerism.

My niece is taking agriculture classes in high school. Her teacher said by the year 2050, we will all be dead because of human induced climate change. We each have the power and responsibility to change this outcome by gardening. And we all have to do our part to try to reverse this tragic prediction. It would be wonderful if all the scientists and teachers are wrong. I hope for sake of our children that climate disaster is a hoax. Even so, there are only benefits to gardening and producing authentic local food, fiber and fuel for our families. Be prepared and be a local land steward.

Grow your own food like you kids lives depend on it.

When you garden, you support life

Scientists say we are in the 6th global mass extinction period and it is completely driven by human activity. Gardening not only feeds us but supports wildlife. The animals, including insects, that come through our gardens bring gifts such as pollination services, pest control, soil cultivation and increased garden fertility. We can't live without them so make habitat for as many of them as you can with what ever space you have. Stop using chemicals and increase diversity so nature can take care of pests. 

Find out which local species in your area need habitat and provide it.

Learn about their preferred food and grow it for them.

Meaningful Work

My happiest and most fulfilling days are spent gardening with friends. I feel healthy, content, responsible and productive. On the contrary, when I realize an activity is contributing to climate change, habitat loss, species extinction and pollution, I feel unhappy, stressed and guilty. I think it is vital for the health and happiness of all people to garden and to share their skills and produce with community members. Because when we are producing natural products and stewarding the earth, we have less time to contribute to destructive activities both directly and indirectly. 

Each day, do an hour of meaningful work that sequesters carbon

and reduces your dependance on fossil fuel.

human scale

Our basic needs such as food and shelter must return to human scale operations. Working in our gardens ensures that we will always be able to support ourselves with meaningful returns. It really is possible to supply at least some of our own needs in very small spaces. Spend time developing your skills and stewarding your environment. Your garden will develop over the years and provide more of your needs every season.

Grow food to reduce your dependance on big ag monoculture.

Earth Stewardship

Living on realtime sunlight, cultivating soil, supporting bio diversity and respecting natural processes are essential in preserving life on our planet. Earth stewardship is a local community activity. Right where you live is where you can do the most to conserve resources and stop climate change. Please do not allow "out of town" corporations to extract and trash your local environment. They will impoverish your community for their short term profit. Local people should be prospering from local and ethically managed resources. Be a local earth steward and be of service to all in your community. Ensure a regenerative future.

Take control of local land for the local community.

Partner with life systems for long term prosperity.

Appropriate Technology

Recently, an acquaintance described how advanced technology will save us from climate change. Unfortunately, many people believe that non living systems will be able to solve our problems. However, it is only integrated and diverse life systems that will keep us alive. Let's build villages that sink carbon by using appropriate technology like passive solar housing.  

To be successful and happy doesn't require material wealth. It requires meeting our basic needs, healthy relationships, meaningful work and social engagement.

Use only the simplest and most appropriate technology

to assist human scale work in self sufficiency and local prosperity.

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