creating INcome

What ever the scale of your vision and resources, you should obtain a yield from your efforts. Maybe you only want to produce enough for your own use. Reducing your grocery budget can be considered income when you grow some of you own food. As your skills and gardening fertility increase, you may have surplus available to trade further reducing your expenditures for food.

It is possible on a small scale to grow surplus or make value added products to sell or trade. Designing a diverse property can generate food, fiber and fuel to fit your needs. This can be accomplished in the space you have. Look around your landscape and identify unused areas that can be put into production. Plant a productive and climate appropriate tree or bush that will give enough fruit to sell.

DRIED GOGI BERRIES: One of my photos above demonstrates my harvest from a few Gogi berry bushes. I made a drying frame and set my harvest out in the sun. This gave me plenty of berries for my use over the next year plus extra that I used for trading. 

SUN DRIED TOMATOES: Small indeterminate tomato varieties are abundant over an extended period. They produce weekly batches of fruit all summer. Making small batches of sun dried tomatoes each week can provide all your winter storage needs without using freezer space. You can use any surplus for trade or give as gifts, reducing the need to spend money during the holidays.

MARIGOLD SEEDS: Harvest flower seeds to share, sell or give as gifts. Marigolds are easy to grow and give many seeds per flower head. When they have dried on the stem, I package them and give them to people who come to my speaking engagements. It is a nice gift for my audience and I use my seed packet as my business card.

Designing a diverse property can generate food fiber and fuel for your use and to sell. Working with nature provides an abundant meaningful life. 

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