Urban Sustainability

Cities and suburbs are heavy consumers. But the upside to living in town is that there are copious resources, often free, local and readily available, to help you build your sustainable lifestyle. Green Waste programs provide low or no cost mulch and composting systems to residents. Water and power agencies offer education and rebates for conservation efforts.

Small urban properties have big potential to harvest a multitude of resources from nearby, allowing them to rapidly close the loop. And small properties can be managed much more effectively, intensifying production per square foot with decreasing input. 

City dwellers can grow much of their fresh organic produce on household grey water and compost. With zero food miles, you can produce nutrient dense superfoods while diverting hundreds of pounds of garbage from the landfill.

In the suburban front yard below, 12 fruit trees are watered with laundry to landscape greywater. The bamboo fence was harvested from a friend's bamboo stand. The mulch was free from the Los Angeles County compost and mulch program.

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