Permaculture in Action

build a local Demonstration site in your community

Contact me anytime to start the process of establishing a demonstrationsite in your community.

A permaculture demonstration site is a community education center that teaches regenerative skills for sustainable living. It is a natural extension of your permaculture co op club once you have enough interested members. The ideal location is near a population center on any size parcel that can be held in a common trust for perpetuity. Permaculture design is based on planning for the next 500 years. We work with nature establishing connections that extend ecosystems to the benefit of all living creatures. We plan for a yield of food, fiber and fuel based on real time sunlight and share with all life on the planet. A well designed permaculture site can be built with the least amount of disturbance to the environment and maintained with minimal input. This means that everyone gets the products they need to live well with the least amount of work.

Phase One - Secure site and set up holding entity. This could be land donated by a private citizen or a public entity. Or it can be land purchased by community members collectively with the understanding that the land will be held in trust for all generations to follow.

Phase Two - Plan the site based on community objectives and resources.

Phase Three - Hold the first Permaculture Design Course for the community on site.

Phase Four - Design the site with students of the first course.

Phase Five - Build site with community volunteers under the direction of community designers.

Phase Six - Establish ongoing community classes in regenerative living including gardening, appropriate technology, regenerative skills, natural building, food preservation, cooking, animal husbandry, management and community building.