Join us in building regenerative village communities with pay it forward permaculture.


Regenerative villages combine non toxic climate appropriate housing, organically grown food, local goods and services to create connected communities prioritizing happiness, health and well being. We organize diverse groups of people and the only qualification needed is a burning desire to be part of the solution. 


FUNDING: Invest, Donate, fundraise, grant writing

Scouting: land, building(s), dying towns & neighborhoods

SOURCing MATERIALS: reclaimed, waste stream diversion, overstock, upcycled

SUPPORT TEAM: Legal, social media, marketing, project management

PARTICIPating: Pioneer, Founding member, live/work in the village, build a business

Collectively funding the establishment of a village is realistically attainable for a group of motivated people. A member built, well designed and planned community is affordable and meets the highest standards of regenerative human settlement. Placement near an established municipality ensures a continuous supply of low or no cost materials for construction as well as creative human scale local businesses. But the most important resource is people. The energy, skills, education, dedication and teamwork of village members steward the natural life systems that sustain us all. If you are interested in living the solution, you have a place in a regenerative community. Contact Susan to join the team.

Partnering with Nature

By observing nature, we learn how to live lightly and responsibly on this planet. Based in life sciences and appropriate technology, permaculture designers know how to fast track habitable ecological systems. We recover degraded landscapes, turning them into beautiful spaces where nature thrives and people make a living while sinking carbon. 

Stewarding our land

We must strive to preserve what is left of intact ecosystems and work to extend them for future generations of all life on our planet. We hope to build many regenerative villages in every community where local people are entrusted to steward the land. Residents are responsible for the health and vitality of the surrounding environment. Stewards cultivate natural resources for long term sustainability and security, ensuring that resources are extended rather than exploited for short term profit. Ethical yield from the environment can only be realized when we care for the earth and all its inhabitants.

Optimizing Resources

The quality and quantity of our energy sources determine the quality of our life. Catching and storing energy is the essential occupation of all life. We have regenerative appropriate technology, much is low tech pre industrial, that if designed and build in a closed loop system, can support us with incredible abundance and comfort. When we use and value our resources responsibly, we are able to live our best life and reach our highest potential. Simply: compost everything and use it to grow a garden of nutrient dense fresh food, high quality fiber for products, and stored fuel for all our different energy needs.

Getting involved

Contact me to discuss how you would like to participate

Let's build thriving communities, held in trust, with 500 year plans. There is an abundance of opportunity for permaculture people to collaborate. Let's organize, teach, build and share our way into a sustainable future.

Contact Susan anytime to get involved.

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